This week has been easy and I’m feeling okay. I have saved a lot more money than I thought I’d be able during this fashion detox.

It is a little upsetting that it’s getting warmer out and my wardrobe is definitely full of sweaters and other winter attire. My wardrobe is in definite need for an update. I guess you could say, I’m a little out of style however I’m okay with that.

This entire process has really opened my eyes and makes me question where my money has been going the last few years.. sadly, the answer is on pointless clothing attire that is not necessary as most of my clothes still have tags on them. I have reached into my creative side during this fashion detox and trying to come up with ways on making older t-shirts into tank tops that are “thifted.” It’s a vintage style I’ve found on Pinterest that really caught my eye.

Overall, this process has been eye-opening and was much needed to see that clothes aren’t everything and neither is staying ‘trendy.’