Although I have had a few brief moments of weakness, this fashion detox has proved to be surprisingly easy so far. I can honestly say that these past weeks I have hardly even had an inkling of an urge to buy and that spree-free state of mind has only been more strongly enforced as the weeks go on. . One thing I have noticed during this detox is that my urge to buy seems to be geared more towards envy or to try to keep up appearances and is not so much for my own enjoyment as I had previously thought. This has given me a chance to step back and look at fashion from an outside perspective and given me time to really look at what my personal style is. I am better now at identifying things that I may want to purchase because they are a trend at the time but not necessarily something I’m crazy about and vice versa. All in all I would say that this experience is turning out to be something really beneficial to me.