There were definitely some highs and lows this week! On the positive side, I was creative by trading some clothes with a friend and I finally figured out how to wear a dress that had been sitting in my closet for over a year and a half. On the negative, at Symposium I was really tempted to go shopping after seeing everyone’s cute clothes and I did end up going into a few stores on Saturday with my mom.

This weekend was Mom’s Weekend for my sorority and it was such a nice day that we walked around outside on Poyntz Street and then inside the mall when the sun started going down. It was really difficult because my mom offered to buy pretty much anything that I said I liked! Which normally would’ve been great, but each time I had to keep turning her down by reminding her of the detox and I was starting to get really irritated towards the end of the day. I even snapped at her once in Journeys because she asked if I wanted this pair of TOMS about five times. But I did succeed in not purchasing anything so it worked out in the end!