I have come to realize that how truly beneficial this detox has been for me. Each week I find myself looking back on how much I would’ve potentially purchased if it were not for this detox. And each time I am shocked. I feel that I am a bit of a “shopping addict” and that this detox was exactly what I needed. I no longer feel like I need to go to the mall and purchase a new item to make myself feel better. I can find other ways to cope and it’s made me feel great. I have always been thinking a lot about what will change about my shopping habits once the detox is over and I find myself wanting to keep up all this hard work and not just go crazy buying things just because I can…(to me that would defeat the whole purpose of this study). I really want to continue this cautious attitude of buying things and really ask myself if I need to item before I purchase it or if there is something in my closet that is similar to it. I want to force myself to only buy pieces that will be able to last longer than one season…more staple items that I can keep in my closet for a while. This detox has really helped me see the importance in that and made me realize I want to continue being careful with my shopping habits in the future!