What a major struggle this is, it is nearly impossible to find a way to keep up with the fashions without actually shopping. It takes a strong-willed person, and I am finding that I may actually indeed be a “shopping addict.” Yes, this may be possible, I am realizing that it is increasingly becoming more and more challenging, as my previous blogs have stated. Instead I am finding other ways to keep myself busy when I am not studying or doing things for class. I have become quite accustom to going to gym to make myself feel better, instead of buying a new outfit. This strategy is seeming to work. It still gets me out of the house, and is going towards my overall looks . It is time consuming keeping up with this routine, so I seem to not have much time to put my efforts in to shopping. On the downside of this, the days I dress up or decreasing. My outfits schedule around my workout time, so I end up wearing my athletic gear way too much. 

Being in the degree constantly seeing well-dressed people makes it harder not to follow trends. Being a apparel- marketing major and not being able to shop goes against what’s right and just in this world! It requires you to keep up with trends, and encourage you to follow them. It does make me feel better knowing I’m not the only one in this boat, and I probably will survive another few weeks or so. This should be easy right? Just a few more weeks is all!