Another week down. It’s gotten warmer out now so I can actually update my wardrobe a little bit with my shorts collection. I have an obsession with shorts. Cargo shorts, mini shorts, jean shorts, lace shorts. The fact that I can update my going out of date tops with multiple shorts. The whole weather change is kind of a double edged sword. I can update my outfits with shorts, but I can only wear my winter wardrobe for so long. Its going to be a long road. I think that this whole detox thing is even more difficult because we are in the apparel majors. We are surrounded and read about what is new and trending. I am personally in a forecasting class, where we study what is trending now and what will be trending is years. I think that when we are always surrounded by fashionable ad impeccable clothes that the fact that we can’t buy them is just that much more difficult.