Hello again!  I know that I missed a few weeks, but I’ve been very busy traveling with the rowing team and we normally don’t get back until very late in the night and I don’t get much internet connection time.  However, these last few weeks have been very uneventful shopping wise.  I stay away from the mall when I’m in Manhattan, and during spring break we didn’t really go anywhere where I would be able to truly clothes shop for things that I would like.  I’m currently in sunny San Diego, California, and it’s very hard not to resist the temptation to go shopping.  Hopefully I can stay strong on our afternoon off tomorrow and not buy anything, but that just might happen.  There’s so many cute shops and clothing that isn’t in Kansas that it’s hard not to want to buy things that you know other girls won’t be wearing.  My mood remains the same, still the happy girl and California helps out with that.  My creativity has not really changed much over the past couple of weeks.  With the warmer weather I have been wearing more shorts and dresses that I have previously had from past years, or that had bought in the fall when they went on sale.  So, so far it’s been good with the staying good on not shopping for things.  I just hope that I don’t break it too much tomorrow.  Fingers crossed. 🙂