So you know when you start a new diet? The excitement is so overwhelming that you don’t even notice that you are on a diet, but then after like two weeks the excitement seems to dwindle down and someone next to you is eating a delicious hot fudge sunday and you REALLY want to splurge? Ya, well that is where I am in this week in the Fashion Detox.

I want to splurge REALLY bad! All of these new spring clothes are out and it isn’t fair that all of my friends are buying new stuff and I can’t. My mom even offered to take me shopping the other day and I had to remind her that I am on a Fashion Detox. (She better offer again after this is all over.)

The only thing getting me through this week is the fact that one of my best friends just had a baby boy! I picked out a few outfits for him, so that got a little bit of my buying “needs” out of the way. Hopefully this next week gets a little bit better, otherwise I will be VERY tempted to slip up and purchase something.