Only a few weeks left!! YAYYY!!! I don’t remember exactly which day we are done though. But thats probably best so I don’t start a count down to my empty bank account. If I really bought everything I wanted these past weeks, I would be broke. But I think it has also been good for me in the sense that I have found other things to do and better things to spend my money on. My recent non-apparel purchase was ducklings. Yes baby ducks. They are only 3 bucks at Orchelins and they are ADORABLE. Its also a lot more entertaining than TV. And the most expensive thing I had to buy for them was their 20$ bucket home. Totally worth it. But this is what happens when I dont buy clothing. I buy random things.

Oh well, I’m not sorry. These little guys are cuter than any purse or dress I could buy.

I wonder if the random purchases will continue after this detox…