As I was hoping this detox has gotten easier now that I have stayed in one place for more than a week and have not had any exciting trips to go on. This coupled with the fact that I have been swamped with school and work has kept my mind off of the fact that I haven’t gone shopping in over a month. While I did wish I had a new cute outfit to wear to the bars last week I simply decided to wear some clothes that I hadn’t worn in awhile so it felt like I was wearing something new. I have also slowly started to bring spring and summer clothes out and have started putting away my sweaters and cold weather clothing so that has also helped to make this detox a little easier as it is starting to get warm enough to wear some different clothes that I haven’t been able to wear for awhile. I also have started to make a pile of clothes that it is clear that I no longer wear to take to goodwill sometime which should make some more room in my closet for when this detox is overwith and I hopefully have figured out my style well enough to not purchase clothes that I will never end up actually wearing.