This past week has not been as hard as other weeks have been throughout this challenge! My family thinks that I am going to shop till I literally drop when this is over! It has been easier this week because I have been around my friends a lot more and had a lot to do instead of just being bored at random parts of the day, when I would normally go shopping. This week I was also challenged to tie die tee shirts for my sorority which really kept me busy and kept my mind off of shopping! I am worried about how I will be after the detox, I am hoping I don’t go crazy and shop till I drop like my family thinks I will, I hope this is a learning experience and I don’t shop as much as I used to. Maybe Ill save a little more money!! It has been an exciting experience and has really shown the people around me what I really love to do, because instead of coming home with a bunch of new things, I get to put new things together with my clothes and their clothes and show them how I am in my element!