Well I am getting irritated week by week. I just WANT NEW CLOTHES! Everytime I go to work I want to buy everything! However, everytime I even tempt myself by going shopping, or wanting to buy a new piece of clothing at my work, somehow I talk myself out of it. A little bit of it is because I am staying loyal to the fashion detox, the other part is I’m really broke.

I feel like I hate all my clothes and having nothing to wear, especially when I go to work and everyone has new cute spring clothes on they just bought. I just don’t feel as cute or the true “fashionista” I am anymore when everyone at work or school looks so cute and I just feel blah in my old clothes. The past week or so, I feel like I haven’t been able to put anything together that I like wearing. BUT, I am finding a few spring tops from last year that have seemed to help my creative block a little bit. Luckily I don’t have money to spend on clothes right now or I probably would have bought something already. Definitely once I get money for graduation I am treating myself to some shopping!