The horror of spring is arriving! The only reason i add horror in the same sentence as spring is to express how hard it is not to shop for new spring collection pieces. My, oh my is it getting difficult, the bright spring colors everywhere make me long for summer and shorts weather. The way I usually cope with this situation is forcing my wardrobe in the full summer mode, even if it may mean wearing a dress in forty degree weather. If i dress warm, it will be summer, right? Well, maybe my theory isn’t so great after all, and I’ll have to try a new method. This seems to be the perfect situation to try something else! My ideas have evolved from decorating my room with fun spring colors, or maybe pick some flowers somewhere to give the room a fresh spring scent. all wonderful ideas that I can resort to instead of shopping for spring. 

The insane Kansas weather, also takes a grave toll on your mood. A cold’s winter day when it should be seventy degrees just makes you want to shop! With nothing else to do, but walk around an indoors mall and drink a hot cup of coffee. Spring Break served as a bit of a challenge because I worked the whole break and conjured up some money that would usually be spent on clothes. Instead, I get to keep it all and save up some money. 

However, I did make a trip to the local Goodwill store and came across a wonderful pair of men’s wrangler jeans, to later make some fabulous high-waisted shorts to be worn all summer long. It’s amazing what you can do with an old pair of jeans, denim is such a classic it can just never go out of style. I have become quite the fan of transporting old jeans in to something wearable and more fashionable today. They have become such a popular item in my wardrobe, that I have been asked by a few friends to make them the same type of awesome shorts. Half the styles today can easily be made from old used clothing, as long as you use your creativity it really seems to work itself out.