Lately, I have found myself testing my creativity. I always have ideas running through my head about all these different things I could make out of different garments. One thing I didn’t realize, until now, was that you have to have these articles already in order to make something new out of them. Now I’m finding myself torn on what garments I should cut, dye, & alter.

Whenever I get bored with the clothes in my closet, I just always go buy new ones. Now, with the challenge in the way, I have to find ways to keep myself from becoming bored and depressed. I bought a pair of blue jean shorts awhile back and thought to dye them ombré. I wasn’t too heartbroken to be “destroying” a pair of shorts because they only cost me two dollars at Goodwill!

In the future, I plan to purchase second hand clothes and use my creativity to make them in to something trendy and stylish! It’s a lot cheaper then buying clothes fresh off the racks. Thank you Fashion Detox for making me learn this the hard way!