The weather has definitely been changing a lot each day, but the nice warm days have been making it extremely difficult to keep from shopping for spring time clothing. I want so many new items since it is a new season. This might be the hardest part of the detox yet! I feel more and more anxious each week and am anticipating the end of this process. I cannot wait to indulge in some summer apparel items. My creativity is starting to slack too because I feel as if I am running out of options in my wardrobe–no matter how I mix and match. 

Coming home for the weekend has proven difficult since I drive right by the mall I typically shop at. I so badly wanted to stop and browse around for a while, but I kept driving. It is still difficult to work in the mall in Manhattan too and NOT buy anything ever. I envy anyone walking by with bags full of new clothes or accessories. Like I said before, the main way I keep myself from buying anything is  by keeping little money in my checking account. However, I have also told everyone I work with and all of my roommates about the fashion detox, so they are always there in the background warning me that I am not allowed to buy anything, which is a huge help. Since I cannot purchase anything, I get online a lot and just browse clothing sites and even put things into my “shopping cart” but never end up actually purchasing them. I think that has satisfied me enough so far to where I don’t give in and buy anything in stores.

I hope I can keep it up the next few weeks, but I think it is pretty safe to say I will be going on a rather large shopping spree the minute the fashion detox is over!