Going home this weekend was so hard, all I wanted to do was shop and buy new things! I just want to buy something pretty and new! I NEED TO SHOP!! My sister went to H&M today and I was so sad I couldnt go because I knew if I went, I would buy everything! I am really hoping that after this detox is over I don’t go completely crazy and spend hundreds of dollars!! This challenge has just taken over me, I am stressed but it has definitely caused me to use my creativity by sewing and putting things together things that I already have! I have come up with some GREAT outfits though, so I’m not complaining! I was upset that I couldnt go to H&M that I completely took it out on my sister and mother because they know I cant go shopping but they asked me to go anyways. But we sat down and talked about it and made a deal that when they got back they would do what I wanted to do since I couldnt go with them. Which was actually fun because we got to go do something new! It has definitely been an advantage for me to not get onto websites online and shop so taking those bookmarks down off of my computer really helped! I am hoping this is worth it and I dont shop as much after!!