This week has been full of job searching, work, class projects, family events and holiday planning… for once the last thing on my mind has been shopping.  It is crunch time, and I have been way too busy to even get on pinterest let alone make it to a shopping mall. I do have to admit I was a little upset that I didn’t get to put on a new stylish Easter outfit today, and when I saw my cousin show up at our family Easter in her new flowy dress and cute flats I did get a little disheartened. But it would have been more upsetting if I didn’t get to go hiking or participate in our outdoor activities because I decided to wear a new dress and heals… so it all worked out. 

As the semester is coming to an end I could see myself thinking two things… I am exhausted and have too much on my plate to even notice the fun spring fashions, or I have nothing to wear to these interviews and I NEED to go shopping. Lets hope it’s the first one.