My rommate came back from New York after the spring break, she bought a lot of cut clothes which make feel jealous:( I really want to wear something new. I finally started to be upset about I couldn’t go shopping because of the fashion detox. I mean, I believe I would be good if my roommate didn’t shop a lot. Yes, I’m influenced by my roomate a lot, this feeling is not cool at all!

However, it not totally bad thing for me now. I saw a picture online, which I attached in this blog, was impressed me. I really love the tights that the girl in picture was wearing. I never seen any store have them so far and they look like were dyed by hand. This picture drew me attention and then I decided to dye one pair of my tights like that. I can’t wait to do it and I will post a picture of the final work in my next post. I hope it works.