I really don’t have anything to report this week.  Chapter 2 of my novel is due Wednesday in my writing class, so I have been alternatively stressing about and procrastinating writing (although I do have 3.5 out of 20 pages done).  Other essays have been due last week and next so I really haven’t had time to shop.  And I am broke.  I had to buy new tires and register the vehicles within the same 2 week period, so: no time + no money = no shopping.  I’ve not even been to a store.

The only urge I had to shop was due to the many emails and coupons I’ve received because of birthday specials.

I went to a reception for a visiting writer on Friday, where I felt overly warm – it was seventy degrees, but the scarf dressed up my outfit well – and this made me think about accessories for spring and summer.  I’m not a fan of necklaces; I don’t like the feel of them on my neck or how they snag my hair.  Scarves don’t do that but they are often too bulky, I find, so I have been thinking about fabric necklaces lately: fabric beads, crocheted t-shirt yarn, collar necklaces.  Found lots of tutorials for those, so maybe next weekend, after I have turned in Chapter 2, I could do something creative with my hands (besides type).