Its becoming very hard to write something every week because not much changes in my emotions or habits when it comes to shopping. I didn’t buy any clothes this week, and I didn’t go into any stores. I did buy a lot of fabric for my senior line that I will be making so that is very exciting. Easter was this weekend and I was able to put together a decent outfit that fit the occasion. I did but running shoes last week but I feel that it was something that I needed. I have terrible feet and hip structure and I scoliosis so if my shoes are not in good shape my body starts to hurt. SO…I bought new running shoes so I can exercise without pain…which I feel is a good reason. I am glad that this detox is coming to an end soon but mainly because then I can stop having to think about it and write blogs every week. I say that because I have difficulty coming up with things to say because I spewed out my thoughts in the beginning of this. Maybe I will have an emotional breakdown over shopping this next week and then I can share that with all of you. Happy Easter everyone!