This week has been much harder to not shop. Spring break was a fairly easy week to resist buying new clothes. However, being home for an extended weekend has been very difficult. I am sad to save but I have caved in. I purchased a new button down shirt. I felt that this piece was a good purchase and in a weeks time has become a staple item in my wardrobe. I have already found several ways to wear it and continue to think of new and exciting ways.

Now I know, this goes against the point of this experiment, but having it be so many weeks in and this is my first purchase. I would consider that to be quite an accomplishment. I am vowing to myself and the rest of the members of this experiment, to make it the last six or so weeks to not make another apparel purchase again.

I am feeling as though this was a much more difficult undertaking than I thought. I have throughly reconsidered every piece of clothing I have and come up with many new ways to wear them. 

To everyone these last few weeks, stay strong with the detox and the best of luck to you!