I don’t know about you all, but I am in the spring mood! I am SO ready for winter to be over and spring to come on out.  I’m gettin to the point where I am sick and tired of my winter sweaters and I am ready to pull out all of my springy clothes. So that is just what I did. Before spring break, I decided that I was going to put away all of my heavy winter sweaters and hang up all of my light springy clothes. Welllllll that didn’t really work too well. Over spring break, it SNOWED! No I was not one of the fortunate college kids that got to go on a spring break trip. Instead I worked and made some money. One day over spring break my friend asked me to go shopping with her to help her find an Easter outfit. Of course I went (I love shopping, especially when I’m spending other peoples money). So when we were shopping I began to feel jealous because I wasn’t able to get anything new for Easter. But instead of buying something I just kept piling on things for her to try on in the fitting room. She ended up buying a TON of clothes that day. That made me feel a scense of accomplishment and I soon forgot all of the  jealousy that I had earlier felt.

This Easter, I will just have to become creative and where something that I already have. That’s not all bad. When I was putting my spring clothes into my closet, there were many things that I didn’t remember I had. It was like I had gone shopping and came home with a whole new wardrobe. I’m sure whatever I wear, it will not effect the wonderful time I have with my family on Easter. 🙂

Happy Easter Everyone!