It is very possible that my brian is actually protecting me from the shopping withdrawals, but the fashion detox has not been very challenging.  In fact, I have felt more enlightened by this transition into sustainable fashion over any other emotion.  It is very possible that this detox has become my coming of age tale in regards to fashion.  

When I was young i liked to sew because my mother can design and make clothing better than any woman I know.  She patterned and made her wedding dress and then altered it to fit me one year for halloween.  My Grandmother was a consumer of fine jewelry as well as costume jewelry.  Her rings adorn my fingers as I reminisce of my greatest fashion influences.  But i have never felt a defining sense of style.  Many of my friends tell me that I accessorize more than anyone the have met, but I do not want my fadora, scarves, and chunky jewelry to be my defining limits with fashion.  I want to be able to reach higher ground than people saying I look “so cute”.  

It will be through the understanding of my clothing that i will be able to understand my style.  I am excited by the prospect of redesigning my wardrobe more than any other art right now.  My desire to design jewelry has subsided as I plan the most legendary and timeless wardrobe in the Midwest.  My ideas for a sustainable closet will redefine the way I think others see me.