This week I did not really get tempted with fashion because I was so busy. I am planning a wedding which I am making the centerpieces for so I got to do ten of those this week, and I printed out, cut, and labeled sixty save the dates. However I did have one instance towards the end of spring break where I went to my little sisters twenty first birthday party where I would have liked to go get a new outfit.  Then when we were at the party one of the girls had a really cutie blue top on, and I would love to have had one.

                When I  asked her where she got it and when she told me where she also told me that I should go get one. Then I told her that I was on the detox she asked me if it was hard, and looking back on it so far it hasn’t been that hard. I have had more time for other things instead of worrying about the newest trends, and she thought it was a good idea. Looking back on it I have rather enjoyed not worrying about fashion for a while. Feeling more free to think about other things and do other things and it feels good.