After having spent much of the past three weeks on the road this challenge has hit its most difficult stage. First, I refrained from buying any cute western clothing or accessories in Houston at the stock show. It wasn’t too difficult except for prior to going to Houston we took the team to College Station to practice and went to Southern Jewlz one of my favorite Texas boutiques and not being able to purchase any of the cute clothing they had was really hard but it was fun helping my friends pick out cute new clothes and accessories.

I also went to San Angelo, TX in hopes of going house/apartment hunting for a place to live in the fall as I start graduate school but that ended abruptly as most any of the realtors and property managers I talked to told me it would be best to wait until June or July because no rentals were on the market currently that weren’t available until July or August so that left a couple of days for my mom and I to just enjoy a little time in warm weather and even though I lived in San Angelo last summer we discovered several new/different boutiques that I didn’t even know they had which didn’t make this detox any easier but at least I know I will have good places to go shopping when I move there in a few months. So, now that my trips are now over with I am confident that this detox will get easier, especially because I graduate in just 8 short weeks!