I feel like 6 more weeks of this is TOO LONG! I just started a new job and want to buy everything in the store! What am I going to do? I almost feel trapped because I can’t buy anything.

At least it got nicer for a little bit so I felt like I was wearing “new clothes” even though they were from last spring, but still new to me. I could still use my creative side to put things together because it was like a new wardrobe! Good thing the weather is supposed to change in the next couple weeks so I can wear my “old” clothes from last spring and so I don’t “need” new clothes.

I went to Texas for a few days over Spring Break and went to the mall with my friends, OH MY GOSH was it hard! I had things in my hand, but then we decided to visit the IKEA store and I went crazy there! Luckily I LOVE home decor and I am getting a new house in a couple months so my temptations lessened when I bought so much stuff for my house! In the end, I still spent money, just not on clothes. The more I think about it maybe I am just a shoppaholic and the biggest consumer I know that just gets satisfied buying any sale deal out there. Hopefully I can last until the beginning of May, because it is getting SO hard!