So, right now I am feeling horrible. I cheated during Spring Break. I was in the gorgeous city of Montreal where the fashion is a mix of euro-hipster style and I bought one blouse. It was a beautiful Italian knit that is actually sustainable because you can turn it into different tops. But, yes: I did in fact cheat. But, only once. After that purchase I was done. I still window shopped and tried on various items. But, I was a lot more cautious and picky. I did not buy just anything. I substituted clothes shopping for cosmetics and body product shopping. I bought all different kinds of Montreal branded lotions, perfumes, bath fizzes, and candles! I could not, not shop in Montreal! I just had to get creative with my shopping habit a bit by purchasing alternatives. I had no negative feelings towards the friends I was visiting in Montreal during this trip because they are boys, and they do not like to shop. So, they were not pressuring me into buying anything. All in all, I am very proud of myself for only purchasing one blouse in such a fashionable city!