For my spring break this year I took a trip… back home. The view out of my window did not consists of beaches and bikinis but rather snow and sludge. However I think this may have been a good in regards to my fashion detox. I wasn’t strolling the boardwalks and downing margaritas, so I had no need to purchase clothes for a trip and no temptation to purchase clothes during a trip. In fact, the dreary weather deterred me from venturing outside of my parent’s house for most of my trip. I spent the majority of my spring break catching up on shows or curled up by the fireplace with my dog and Cosmo. Flipping through magazine pages filled with gorgeous clothes was the only real “shopping” I experienced this past week. I’ve found that as we progress further into this detox my interest in buying clothes has actually started to decrease. Crazy, I know! I have stayed away from any kind of apparel shopping and I’ve realized that when I have no first hand exposure to actual clothing it’s much easier to resist the urge to buy. If I continue to distance myself from clothing stores and restrain myself from browsing through online stores I think that I will manage to stay true to this detox.