O man I had a horrible week of no shopping. Monday I went home to visit family and planed on leaving later that day because I had to work the next day. After all my visiting was over I was on my way to take my best friend home when the car broke down on the highway. I was greatful that it did so while il was still in town to get help. But what do you know now im stuck in kc with not a change of clothes. normally this would not be a problem i would just go buy something to wear but because of the detox i was stuck in a sticky situation. most of my friends back home are small and petite so borrowing somthing from them was out of question. Luckly i caught up with my cousin and was able to raid her closet for a few items but hr pants were still too small. so i eventually found a pair of leggings and her little sister gave me the idea to wear a ripped shirt. She said that she does it all the time its in style lol. So thats what i wore for the day and spiced it up with some of her accessories. The outfit turned out ok and my car was fixed by the next morning but this experience definitely opened my eyes and creative mind.