wow…what a week. I didn’t think Spring Break would be difficult for the detox but it has turned out to be my hardest week so far. I went to Colorado Springs and while there I broke down and bought something. I got sucked in by a Fair Trade store called Olive Tree. It had pottery, soap, jewelry, scarves, and towels. I bought a bracelet that was made by women in Napal. I knew that I was breaking the detox but I thought to myself that this is sustainable and was made ethically. I would have felt bad afterward but I love the bracelet and I felt good about the purchase. There was a big necklace I was debating about getting but I went for the more practical accessory that I will wear more often. 

Once I got back from my trip I went to the mall with my friend to help her find a dress she needs to buy for a wedding coming up. That became difficult for me. There were so many new garments and I was liking so many. I had to force myself to walk away because the temptations were climbing. 

I am about to start making my senior line and I am very excited because I will hopefully be able to wear what I make because I am using a model that is similar in shape…but by the time I am done making the garments the detox will be over with. My sister is wanting me to make the flower girl dress for her wedding and adjust her wedding dress. So I see a lot of sewing in my future which still leads me to the fact that I wont have time for projects of my own. Hopefully the weather will FINALLY start getting warmer and I can start breaking out the spring clothes. I am tired of coming up with outfits that I can wear in the cold. And now I just remembered that Easter is in a week and I don’t have any Easter dresses, so I will have to figure out something. Of course I don’t have to dress in the normal pastel colors but it is nice to! I am looking forward to this detox ending!!