Thankfully I got to go home for a few days over spring break, and see family and friends. Typically my friends love to shop when we are all home. It is a great activity where we get to catch up with each other and the latest fashion trends. Not wanting to break any of the rules of the detox, but still satisfy my craving for new wardrobe pieces, we went to a local consignment shop. It seemed perfect, not only was I able to give my gently used unwanted clothes away in exchange for cash, but I would get to pick out as many new items as they were willing to take.  However, it wasn’t as perfect as I thought… they only took three pieces out of the two bags I brought in, and I only received seven dollars for them. But its something right? And I was willing to take whatever I could get. So I happily accepted the seven dollars and drug my friends down every isle of the store looking for the best three pieces I could find.

Nothing. Everything was so outdated, worn, and had an odd scent that I was unsure if I could wash out. But I couldn’t just leave with nothing, This was the only way I was going to be able to add something new to my wardrobe, so I grabbed one of the dresses that I thought was decently cute and set it at the register. The total was twenty dollars, and as soon as I handed over the cash for the overly priced, “decent” dress, I immediately had buyer’s remorse. If I weren’t in the detox, I never would have bought that dress. In fact, I would rather have my three pieces I sold to them back. Why did I do that? Was I really that desperate to shop? I didn’t feel satisfied, I felt annoyed and upset. Now I am thirteen dollars short and stuck with a dress that I will probably never wear. I think Im going to stop trying to find loop holes and just avoid shopping and try to save every dollar I earn from here on out.