This past week was spring break and sadly I didn’t get to lay out on a beach, soaking up the sun. However, I  did get to go to Colorado and visit my dad where we avoided all malls and shopping centers since I knew I would definitely cave in if I went inside one. After a few days I returned to Kansas City where I almost instantly got sick (the flu I believe) and was bed ridden for the second half of my break. I didn’t enjoy all the pains of being sick, but it was a great excuse for why I couldn’t go shopping with my friends at Oak Park Mall. So it accidentally saved me from another opportunity to break my detox. I’ve tried very hard to be creative lately, but since I’ve gotten sick I have mostly been in pajamas, so not much effort there. I’m very excited for this detox to be over since my main strategy for the last couple weeks has been to avoid all malls and boutiques all together. I attempted to avoid online shopping, but I can’t resist looking at all the new spring/summer apparel my favorite stores are getting in. I have been trying to look through fashion blogs for inspiration on how to spice up my current outfits with the clothing I already have. Lets just hope the next couple weeks fly by without me going insane!