Failure! I’m sorry everyone, but during Spring Break I did crack and purchase some clothing (two pairs of leggings, a vest, tights, a tank top, a bracelet, and an anklet to be precise). And I’m actually not feeling at all bad about it because I was in England, and really, it’s not that often that I get to shop in Europe! I did try to restrain myself though, and focused on buying things that would be different than anything I could find in Kansas.

I’ll admit, I went into the week knowing that I would break the Detox. A part of me even used being in England as an excuse to shop. I’m pretty sure that a few times I had thoughts along the lines of “Well, I have to buy something because I’ll be really, really disappointed in myself if I come back home without anything new!” While I love most of the items I bought, the bracelet and the tights were definitely impulse buys. Not that I like them any less, but I probably could have done without them. Especially since they were from Primark which is a bit like Forever 21… But I’m ready to get back on board with the challenge for the rest of the semester! You can hold me to that.