I thought that spring break was going to be the hardest week for me with this detox, but I was wrong! I haven’t had a single problem over break. I went home, so I thought that my mom would try to drag me shopping. She did take me to the mall to return something she had purchased, but she wanted to leave right after- thankfully! I spent my break doing other things- like going to the movies- rather than shopping.

I can’t say that this week has sparked any creativity inside myself, or changed my feelings at all. I am getting more and more used to not shopping, that it’s starting to not even become a desire anymore. I think about it much less often, and when I do glance at a website, I’m not as interested anymore. I do like the idea of taking an inventory of my closet, as some of the other girls mentioned- I think it will help me realize how much I really do have when I am having one of those “I have nothing to wear” days. Hopefully next week is even easier!