I am feeling quite fine this week, to the point where I accompanied my husband as he bought two new hats, a pair of jeans, and a hoodie, and I had no feelings of deprivation.  We were at the Buckle – and while I love their shoes and displays, and the interesting clothing therein, I don’t often go there because of the (company required) aggressiveness of the sales staff. Once I mentioned the detox, I didn’t feel the same pressure that I normally would feel while in that store, and even commiserated with a salesgirl who was also on the detox – it must be so much harder for her than for me, since she works there!  It was nice to just be able to look at their displays and the different treatments and decorations on the shirts without the pressure to do something about it, to buy it or try it on.  It was almost like being able to appreciate art.  Granted, I don’t think I would have felt this way in any other store; I feel that the Buckle carries interesting stuff.

As far as creativity goes, I’ve been working – sporadically – on a pattern and I’m at the point where I need to mock it up to see if it’s going to work, but I haven’t.  My sis-in-law has requested that I make her a red sundress, and I am willing to take on the tailoring challenge.  This in itself is odd, as I usually hate sewing for other people when it is not my idea or creative vision. 

Any clothing item I make isn’t a true need anyway, but just a way to express creativity, which I’ve found to be the primary “need” when accumulating clothing.  Most of us, me included, have more clothes that could be worn out in three years – the basic needs of warmth and covering nudity have been met long ago.