I find myself walking into boutiques and talking to the sales women as if I am a graduate student doing research.  I feel so badly for going in without any intent of purchasing that I always end up explaining the detox and what I am trying to learn.  It has proven to be extremely educational to talk to retailers about this endeavor.

I have learned what aspects of clothing are not worth skimping on. I have learned that tailoring is not a luxury, but a necessity to well fitting garments. I have learned that creating some sort of inventory for my closet may not be such a bad idea.  I am learning all of these little building blocks, and I am certain my closet, post detox, will be fabulous.

I have not had any desires to revamp what I have now for the past few weeks now, but I have had the creativity for the future sparked on many occasions.  It is much more fanciful to think ahead than to dwell on reality.