Surprisingly, Spring Break was a breeze. I had no difficulties not shopping. I spent most of my time going to dinner or movies with my friends so I wasn’t tempted to go blow money on clothes. I did have a few trips to the mall over the week I spent back home but I didn’t buy anything nor was it tempting to purchase any items. This week hasn’t really challenged my creativity in any new ways. I am honestly curious to see how much jeans I actually have, how many pink sweatpants I have or sweat shirts, how many tank tops, etc. Part of me doesn’t even want to know because it’s probably a lot for each category!

I’m feeling good. I kept myself busy all Spring Break so I haven’t had much of a chance to feel stressed or frustrated with the lack of shopping the last couple of months. It’s honestly a relief that I’m way less dependent on shopping to cure my “needs.”