Spring broke? Guess again! I’ve managed, by breaking away from my bad shopping habbits, to save more money than I ever have before. I thought it would be difficult with spring break right around the corner, but it actually hasn’t been too bad. Since I wasn’t planning on going anywhere for spring break, I figured I didn’t need any new apparel.

Though trends are changing and new colors are springing up in window displays everwhere, I keep telling myself they can wait. I found a few tops and shorts, that I had boxed up for summer, that would work perfect for the spring trends I keep seeing. Who knew all the things you could discover when you’re limited only to what you have already. It’s kind of fun, like a treasure hunt, to have to dig around and discover clothing articles you forgot you had because they were boxed up in the process of moving or simply put away until next season.

I honestly thought I would hate the fashion detox before I started it, but I love it! It really has helped me discover a side of me I never knew I had in me. The detox has also brought out the more creative side of myself. Last, but not least, it has also helped me save money for things that are actual NEEDS instead of wants. I would encourage anyone and everyone to try the fashion detox at least once. It’s a life changing experience!