This week I had an interview for a possible internship. It was kind of a whirl wind situation. I contacted the boutique on a Friday, and I had an Interview on Tuesday, with a follow up interview on Thursday. The honest to God first thought that came through my head was “OH MY GOD, I can’t shop”, how am I going to go to an interview at a clothing retail store, and not have a nice put together outfit, let alone 2 different outfits. I had to do some scrounging around between my room mate and I’s closets, but I finally found some pieces that work well together (thank. the. lord.). 

Another obstacle that I have this week is that I’m not going anywhere for Spring Break 2013..wah wah wah. So what am I supposed to do all week. Sit at home and read a book? It will be interesting to try to fill my time with something other than shopping!