I feel like this detox has not been very difficult. I would say that I have become more creative and have been making myself clothes, but I am so busy I don’t have time for that. I think school is keeping me in check, I really don’t have the extra time to go shopping. The only temptations I have had is when I have been looking for silver shoes for a wedding. I am a bridesmaid in a wedding and she wants us to get silver heels. I have been looking around to see if any friends have silver heels but I am not having any luck. When I look online for the shoes I see other shoes and it is so tempting to buy some. I have never been a shoe person but recently I have found myself wanting to purchase them. I am getting tired of my wardrobe but I get over it shortly. As long as I have clean clothes I know I can make it. I think the only thing that bugs me is the fact that if I did find something I was in love with, in my head I would know that I couldn’t buy it.

Spring break is here and I think I will be ok. I am going to colorado and I am not worried about souvenirs because I have been there many times so I don’t have any desire to get a t-shirt. I had no problems finding clothes to bring on the trip. YAY Spring Break!!!! Have a fun week fellow bloggers!!