As spring break has started my biggest question is what the heck do I do on vacation besides shop?  This blog post has actually became an event for me instead of shopping.  I packed books and am hulled up in a cafe.  Maybe if I pretend to be Carrie Bradshaw for a moment I will forget that I am not actually allowed to “fall into Dior”.

Why am I doing a fashion purge again?  I can not quite remember, except that 5% extra credit sounds very nice.  Which means I have weighed the costs and benefits and decided the costs were lower than the benefits.  Not shopping has proven to benefit my wallet, experiential knowledge of sustainability (on a micro level), and fueled the creativity.  I have been reminded that invention by necessity is pure genius, and I am convinced that most good ideas were born out of unmet needs.

If i had to choose a single “take away” lesson from the past few weeks, it would be that my closet will be better by the end of the detox.  I am learning what I love in my closet, why I love it, and how it needs to be changed.  I am excited to revamp my wardrobe at the end of the detox with one sustainable item at a time.  I like giving my purchases space and time.  It allows me to make smarter purchases.  I have been thinking about the things my closet needs for several weeks now.  When the time comes, I know I will be able to make refined decisions.