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I’m still a bit antsy to shop. 


I was hoping my draping class projects would help subdue my urges.  We finished our knit unit this week.  Yay! Finished!  I want to redo one of the garments but my classmates convinced me to turn in what I have since technically only one of the 3 gets points and they think my others are satisfactory.  I let them convince me since my dad and brother are coming up this weekend and we are headed to a bridal shower for my aunt!  So It’d be nice to considered done.  So am I going on about draping and my weekend?  Well I decided since I spent all of my Christmas money on a dress form that is close to my size I should try to drape things I would like to wear.  It was my plan all semester however we finally started draping full garments.  And I love wearing knits!!!  We had the option to save fabric and drape 2 of the knit garments in ½ scale.  Although, I had heard it was almost just as much work to do it in ½ scale and I thought what a perfect opportunity to make something for myself.  So I planned to make my knit garments into something I’d like to wear, since I can’t shop yet!  I tried to take extra care while I was constructing my garments so when I’m out wearing it people are thinking ‘hey that’s a cute dress/top’ and not, ‘I bet she made that’ …




I did run into a bit a snafu though, my fabric ended up being a bit sheer.   I had chosen white off white to make them in, because it would be easier to see my markings.  To solve the problem I tie-dyed them (kinda).  I have pictures this week!  It was good to learn more about dyeing and I tried few different techniques.


And in the dress below I accidentally cut a hole in it as I was moving my scissors!  :O! So to cover it I added some flower embellishments over the hole! I hope it doesn’t make the dress too silly to wear because I’m not much of one for embellishments.  Not that I don’t like them I just have a hard time wearing them! 



Although one garment really needs something worn under it like teal bandeau and shorts (which I have) or I think I’d like a tube dress better under it, but this girl doesn’t have a teal bandeau dress so …enter shopping urge…

Image Image



I forgot to mention last blog that I had to drive by 3 dress shops when I went to buy fabric.  I felt like such a rubbernecker as I drove down Poyntz.  Honestly Seeing the color in the windows gave me the urge to create garments with color.  I bought the dye at JoAnn’s when I bought my fabric (the second time! I needed more!!!) I was sad I didn’t really like the colors JoAnn’s had to offer in the knit I liked.  I know I’m a bit of a hand snob.  I can love a color but if Idon’t like the hand I won’t buy it.  Same goes for apparel too. I’ve always been this way.  

Well as long as I can stay out of stores and keep those pesky ads away from me I might actually be able to make it!




ImageUntil Next Week

Rose Penny