This week I am feeling guilty because I caved in and bought a new top from Envy. I know I was not supposed to but I seriously could not resist. My roommate and I went and ate at Buffalo Wild Wings. We passed Envy on our walk back home and my roommate wanted to go inside because of their cute displays. I had my wallet with me because we had just eaten, so I could not use my strategy of not bringing my wallet with me. After browsing around the store I spotted this really cute trendy top. After trying it on and debating, I decided to buy the top. Envy gets new clothes in every week and they only get so many in of one item I knew if I waited until May to purchase the top it would be gone. I am not going to go on a huge shopping spree now; I am going to continue with the detox and really try to hold off from making any more purchases. In the future I am going to try and resist as much as possible when I have my wallet with me because when I don’t have my wallet there are no temptations.