This whole not shopping thing is really making me sad! Even if its just a new ring or necklace, I just want something new!! I am really anxious lately because neither my closet or my jewelry box is growing! I feel like I’m missing something in my life without shopping! I have really been trying to be creative when it comes to the things that I already have, and what do you know, I have created 3 more outfits! This week I have been so tempted to go shopping especially with spring break coming up! I never realized how much of a priority I made shopping, in my life! I am going to Dallas for spring break and all I have been thinking about is all of the amazing shopping there is going to be! I can’t even imagine not buying something on this trip, but I am going to have to decline! It will be very tempting because I know right when we get there my friends are going to want to go shopping and buy a bunch of stuff. I guess I will just have to sit there and give my opinion on their outfits! To avoid these temptations I am just going to have to ask my friends to hold me accountable for not buying anything, which I know they will be happy to do!