So, I thought that this whole project would be a piece of cake. Oh, don’t buy something for 14 weeks.. I can do that! WRONG! I am feeling desperate right now for some new duds. I would love to wrap myself in the new styles of spring. But, I simply cannot. I don’t even feel creative anymore. I have worn almost all of my clothing and I am SICK of it. All of my friends are ordering cute new clothing and I am so jealous of them. What I would give right now to have a beautiful new pair of loafers for spring.. The one perk of living in a college town during this challenge is that there aren’t too many places to shop. It’s either the small mall or the local boutiques. I just don’t go into them, that is my coping mechanism during this time. I bought some new makeup to try and make myself not feel so deprived but, I just am missing my online shopping right now. That joy when I get a new package in the mail, bright and shinny! It’s gone. I miss it. I can’t wait until May.