As you all know, this past weekend was Fake Patty’s Day here at MHK. The goal in the past for me was to come up with the all time best t-shirt design ever. Something totally epic that no one ever would have thought up. Like the kind of t-shirt where people stop you and say “dang, I want that shirt”. This year I didn’t get to buy a new shirt. I had to dig out of my old green shirt from my Freshman year. Thank the good lord it still fit. I haven’t bought anything new in like 64 years it seems like. I couldn’t even buy a dumb t-shirt, all for 5% extra credit. #determination. I have found though that without spending money on clothes I’m doing other things to affect my outward appearance, for example getting my hair colored a different color, or styling it a different way. I also have found ways to reconstruct old clothes to make them look new again. After a couple of weeks doing this project, I have surprised myself with how much I’m sticking to the rules. Good Luck to Everyone Else, May the Force Be With You.