I am feeling desperate of new clothes! The last two weeks have been the worst weeks of my life, in terms of school, and when I am having a bad day..retail therapy! But no, so I have been making due with what I have, but I feel like I have a fashion block and don’t like anything I have been putting together lately. I just quit one retail job for another and when you have associate discounts it is eating away at me for these great deals on new spring trends! I ALMOST broke down last week when it was my last week at JCP, I wanted to use my associate discount one last time, BUT fortunately enough I didn’t find anything I HAD to have (maybe I am getting a different mind set now?). I just ended up buying a set of dishes for my new house next year, but it wasn’t the same. Whenever I want to buy something, I resort to looking for home decor items or stuff for my puppy, but I usually end up not buying it because it is so expensive..but it kinda works.

Seeing all of my friends and now all the other associates at my new job with all the cutest stuff on and I still have 6 weeks left is terrible! Somehow I need to get my creative side back and utilize my closet more, but I WANT new!

I wish people would gift me clothes or something! Six weeks is a REALLY long time left with not having any trends and working at my new job is going to be SO hard not buying anything, BUT so far so good.