I’m feeling a little bit annoyed I guess, because I don’t purchase new clothing very often so when I decide that I want a new item it’s usually something I really love, and it’s been hard to hold myself back from buying those things. For instance, on campus I saw a girl walking by wearing a hot pink winter hat and I really wanted to look online for one like it as soon as I got back to my apartment. Then as I walked a few steps past her thinking about when the last time I browsed Etsy.com was, I remembered that I couldn’t buy anything apparel related because of the Detox. I told myself it was alright because, hey, I can just learn to knit and then make a pink hat for myself! However, by the time I get around to actually doing it, it probably won’t be cold outside anymore… More often, the challenge has impacted my creativity in that I’ve been borrowing clothing items from other people. It’s interesting to have to ask around for things I want to wear instead of going out and buying new ones, especially when I don’t find what I’m looking for. This weekend I wanted black flat boots to wear with a green dress and none of my friends had a pair that worked, so I ended up changing my entire outfit instead. Oh well!