So, technically I don’t think I broke the rules…

I am on the lacrosse team and before the detox started, we ordered new sweatpants, sweatshirts, shorts, and shirts. The only problem which has occurred is we just got the order in and I had to pay for them also. Not sure if that counts as breaking the rules but either way I forgot how good it feels to have new clothes!! I was so excited to wear everything and haven’t taken them off since I got them on Friday. Plus, new sweats and sweatshirts are all fuzzy and warm inside and with this cold weather, its perfect.

Another thing that happened this past week is a special event that goes on at KSU every year before spring break. People make all sorts of t-shirts for this one day and needless to say I did not. The only green shirt I had in my closet was a really dark green one so all day I received a bunch of slack for not having the proper green on. One, excuse me but I couldn’t buy a new one and two, such a waste of money. Even if I could have made a shirt like everyone else, they wear it once a year and then it sits in their closet and collects dust. That is part of what this detox has shown me is to be smart about what you are going to buy; get your money’s worth.

Last note for this week, I saw this on pinterest and figured everyone would enjoy it as much as I did:

IMG_0487 (2)