Well another week down but more to go. This week wasn’t too bad, I didn’t have any temptations that were too bad. I went to a concert this weekend and I didn’t like anything in my closet and instead of go buying a new dress I borrowed a friend’s dress and it worked perfectly. I have two dilemmas in my future though. K-State just became Big 12 Co-Champs so I really want to buy a t-shirt for that and I am going on a spring break trip and I know that I will be tempted to shop for that. This weekend my boyfriend ripped two of his shirt buttons off and now needs me to fix them. This got me thinking about the things I need to repair so I can keep wearing them. My favorite TOMS are starting to tear so I will definitely be fixing those. There are also some shirts that I might do some embellishing on to jazz them up a bit. Lastly I have a skirt I might change the hem on to make it more stylish. Of course I probably will not get around to doing any of this because I am so busy with school. It is going to be hard not to buy the new spring clothes that are starting to come out, I just need to tell myself that they will still be around after this detox is over. The only thing I can complain about is that I am getting very tired of wearing jeans, so the warmer weather will be nice to have soon.